9L0-510 Apple demo downloaden

Fragenkatalog 9L0-510 Apple demo downloaden

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9L0-510 Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6 200 Alle Lernmaterialien werden rechtzeitig nach der Änderung der Prüfung aktualisiert, damit Sie immer mit der neuesten Version auf Ihrere Prüfung vorbereiten können. Bevor Sie unsere Produkte einkaufen, können Sie auch kosteblos bei zertifizierung-portal.de demo downloaden.

Fragenkatalog 9L0-510 Apple demo downloaden

Review the image, and then answer the question below.
You have managed the Dock preferences to define where on the computer screen the Dock will appear for these four accounts: Lab (a computer group), Science (a computer in the Lab computer group), Teachers (a workgroup), and John (a member of the Teachers workgroup). When John logs in on the Science computer, where on the computer screen does the Dock appear?

A. bottom of the screen
B. left side of the screen
C. right side of the screen
D. John will be prompted to choose whether his user preferences or the Teachers workgroup preferences
should be used. The Dock will appear at the location of his choice.

Answer: C

A MacBook computer running Mac OS X v10.6 was formerly managed, but its managed preferences have been disabled on the server. Still, the user is unable to change some preferences on the MacBook. Which statement presents a valid method for restoring the user’s access to these preferences?

A. Delete the /Library/Managed Preferences/ folder.
B. Delete the MCX attributes from the user records in the NetInfo database.
C. Deselect the Managed Accounts option in the Services pane of Directory Utility.
D. Deselect the Managed Accounts option in the Accounts pane of System Preferences.

Answer: A

You used workgroup manager to define a set of managed preferences for the Guest Computer account on a Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer To which of the computers described below will those prefenences apply?
Choose two.

A. To any comuter on the local area network that is not bount to the server.
B. To any bound computer that does not have a computer record on the server.
C. To any bound computer from which a user connects to the server with the guest account.
D. To computers that are members of a computer list that has guest access to the server.
E. To any bound computer with no managed settings in its computer record, or in any computer group to
which its computer record belongs.

Answer: BE

Fragenkatalog 9L0-510 Apple demo downloaden