Fragenkatalog 000-221 ibm demo downloaden

Fragenkatalog 000-221 ibm demo downloaden

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000-221 AIX 7 Administration Alle Lernmaterialien werden rechtzeitig nach der Änderung der Prüfung aktualisiert, damit Sie immer mit der neuesten Version auf Ihrere Prüfung vorbereiten können. Bevor Sie unsere Produkte einkaufen, können Sie auch kosteblos bei demo downloaden.

Fragenkatalog 000-221 ibm demo downloaden

The administrator cannot ping the hostname of any system on the local network, including LPARs in the same managed system that have virtual Ethernet adapters configured on the same subnet and VLAN. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The Ethernet cable from the system to the switch is disconnected or faulty.
B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter in the Virtual I/O Server in the managed system has a problem and is not passing communication between virtual adapters and the network.
C. The routing table has been flushed on the host and the default route is no longer configured.
D. DNS is disabled and the /etc/hosts file on the host does not contain the addresses for the hostnames that are being pinged.

Answer: D

An LPAR has 32 CPUs, and is reporting hundreds of page-ins and page-outs per second. At what level of paging should the administrator become concerned?

A. Above the size of the paging space size in 4KB pages
B. Above 50 pages per second
C. Above 10 pages per CPU per second
D. Above 10 pages per GB of allocated memory per second
E. Above the number of paging space disks
Answer: C

Which command will show the status of Geographically Mirrored Volume Groups?

A. gmvgstat
B. geovgstat
C. Isglvm
D. listgm

Answer: A

Fragenkatalog 000-221 ibm demo downloaden