Prüfungsfragen und antworten 1Z0-052 Oracle

Prüfungsfragen und antworten 1Z0-052 Oracle

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1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administrator I Die rasante Entwicklung im Bereich der Informationstechnik macht es zwingend, sich regelmäßig fortzubilden. Weisen Sie Ihr IT-Können nach, absolvieren Sie Ihre Prüfung. Bei Ihrer Zertifizierungsvorbereitung werde Ihnen sehr gut helfen.

Prüfungsfragen und antworten 1Z0-052 Oracle

Your database instance is currently configured to support 1,500 connections. The Web application that uses the database allows a large number of users to work with the database simultaneously.
Some users of the Web application do not interact with the server all the time. You want to
increase the scalability by configuring the database instance to handle more connections. As a DBA, which configuration would you set to support more than 1,500 connections at a time?

A. You would configure more listeners for the database.
B. You would configure the database in shared server mode to use the connection pooling feature.
C. You would increase the value of the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET initialization parameter that assigns more session memory to users.
D. You would decrease the value of the PRIVATE_SGA resource limit in the profiles used by the users to accommodate more session information.

Answer: B

Which two statements describe good practices for an application developer to reduce locking conflicts in Oracle database? (Choose two.)

A. Avoid coding unnecessary longrunning transactions.
B. Allow the database to handle locks in default locking mode.
C. Always explicitly code the locks as per the requirement of the application.
D. Allow escalation of row locks to block locks if too many row locks cause problem.

Answer: A,B

These are points that describe the contents of different memory components:
1: Descriptive information or metadata about schema objects that are queried by using SQL statements
2: The runtime area for data manipulation language (DML) or data definition language (DDL) statements
3: Results of SQL queries and PL/SQL functions
4: Executable forms of SQL cursors, PL/SQL programs, and Java classes
5: The information necessary to reconstruct changes made to the database by a transaction
Which of these will be stored in the Shared Pool if the necessary configurations are done?

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 5
C. 1,3, and 4
D. 3,4 and 5
E. 1,2,3 and 4

Answer: C

Prüfungsfragen und antworten 1Z0-052 Oracle