Fragenkatalog 00M-234 ibm demo downloaden

Fragenkatalog 00M-234 ibm demo downloaden

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00M-234 IBM Netezza Sales Mastery Test v1 Alle Lernmaterialien werden rechtzeitig nach der Änderung der Prüfung aktualisiert, damit Sie immer mit der neuesten Version auf Ihrere Prüfung vorbereiten können. Bevor Sie unsere Produkte einkaufen, können Sie auch kosteblos bei demo downloaden.

Fragenkatalog 00M-234 ibm demo downloaden

With workload management, you can set aside the _________________ and
__________________ amount of resources that a given user can have at any given time.

A. minimum and maximum
B. average and maximum
C. mean and standard deviation
D. minimum and average

Answer: A

During a host failure, what host-based data will be automatically available on the standby host?

A. All table data in every database.
B. Everything specified in the nzbackup.conf file.
C. Everything on the /nz and /export/home/nz partitions.
D. Nothing, the hosts have a shared-nothing architecture.
Answer: C

Which of the following components in a TwinFin appliance are NOT redundant?

A. Hard Drives
B. Power Supplies
C. Networking Cards
D. None of the above; all components are redundant.

Answer: D

Fragenkatalog 00M-234 ibm demo downloaden