1Z0-591 Oracle Fragenkatalog

Echte Fragen 1Z0-591 Oracle Fragenkatalog

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Echte Fragen 1Z0-591 Oracle Fragenkatalog

Object Security controls access to Subject Areas, Tables, and Columns in OBIEE and can be implemented by using which method?

A. Single Sign-On (SSO)
B. Database Authentication
C. Business Logic Object Security
D. External Table Authentication
E. LDAP Authentication

Answer: C

Explanation: Object-level security controls the visibility to business logical objects based on a user’s role. You can set up object-level security for metadata repository objects, such as subject areas and presentation folders, and for Web objects, such as dashboards and dashboard pages, which are defined in the Presentation Catalog.
1) Business logic object
This controls access to objects, such as:
* subject areas
* presentation tables
* presentation columns
For example, users in a particular department can view only the subject areas that belong to their department.
2) Web object security
This provides security for objects stored in the Web Catalog, such as dashboards, dashboard pages, folders, and reports. You can view only the objects for which you are authorized. For example, a mid-level manager may not be granted access to a dashboard containing summary information for an entire department.

Which two steps are needed to set up Failover support for an OBIEE deployment?

A. Use Installer to affect Horizontal scale out of an existing instance
B. Employ WebLogic Enterprise Edition, licensed separately
C. Use Installer to set up separate single instances, then apply Horizontal scale out clustering
D. Apply OBIEE Clustering option
E. Leverage spare hardware capacity of single machine by using Verticalscale out option

Answer: A,D

Explanation: Horizonal Scaleout of System Components
* Used for adding additional managed servers (Java components) and
system components to an existing cluster
* Used for scalability and failover
* Set up via the Universal Installer > Scale Out BI System option

When creating an initialization Block, which BI Administration function is used?
A. Variable Manager
B. Job Manager
C. Identity Manager
D. Projects Manager

Answer: A

Echte Fragen 1Z0-591 Oracle Fragenkatalog